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In day to day life with this busy schedule it is little difficult to take care of yourself especially about the toddlers. Kids and babies may get cough or cold at any time as they are not much attentive on their health as they are always in playground and dust plus they eat unhygienic food which may lead to many other illnesses. One of the most common one is cough which keeps on occurring. Rushing to doctor all the time is little difficult so there are some natural home remedies cough toddler and kids that can be used and are effective too.

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Honey is the most effective natural home remedies that can be given to the kids more than 1 year and above. Honey is one such liquid that is also loved by kids as it is very sweet and taste goods. This home remedy is highly recommended as it is an easy intake by the kids and also the best one.

Hot Fluids

Hot fluids are also one of the best home remedies cough toddler that can be used to clear the cough and get rid of itching. Drinking hot fluids like warm water or soups can help in reducing the thickness of the mucus and also it will help you stay hydrated.

Salt water gargle

Salt water gargle is also a very popular home remedy that is been used from ages to clear the itching caused due to dry cough. Here you have to mix salt with warm water and let your kid gargle and throw out the solution. This remedy is only recommended for older kids.

Chest Rub

This is also one of the home remedies that is used from ages by all our elders to clear the blogs of your nose to breathe in peacefully. But it also said that rubbing it on chest and increase mucus so it is recommended to apply it only near the nostrils.

These are some of the nature and best home remedies cough toddler that can be used to get kid of the irritation of cough and cold quickly with easy techniques. Make sure to consult a doctor if the kids have lot of cough and cold and can’t be controlled by these natural home remedies. We think you have got all the information you were looking for and found this article helpful. Do share your reviews on the same and let us know if you have any doubts or quires.

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