Precautions for COVID-19 that everyone must follow

As we all know, COVID-19 – the deadly virus is being spread rapidly and is not coming under control. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly because of which most of the people are falling sick and many of them are even dying. It is very important that every human of this world has to makes sure to follow all the precautions given by the government or WHO so that we can have a stop on this deadly virus. Here are precautions for coronavirus that every one must follow and make sure every one near your also follow.

Coronavirus Precautions: 10 ways to make sure you don't catch the ...

Wash Your Hands

The main step to prevent from COVID-19 is to regularly wash your hands with a clean soap or any hand wash that is at least once in every 20 minutes. Or, you can use alcohol rubs or hand sanitizer with Min of 60% alcohol as this process can kill the virus that may be present on your hand. Make sure to clean it completely specially near the nails and between the fingers too.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is very important where you have to stay at least one meter or 3 feet from everyone. This is very important because when the infected person coughs or sneezes, the tiny droplets that are sprayed from their nose and mouth contains virus. If you are too near you can breathe in the droplets with the virus.

Avoid Touching Your Face

This step is also very important where you have to make sure that you don’t touch your face, eyes or nose as if the virus is present on your hand it can transfer the virus in your body through eyes, nose or face. Once the virus goes in your body it can make you skin and make others too.

Good Respiratory Hygiene

Following or practicing good respiratory hygiene is very important that is covering your mouth and nose while you cough or sneeze by a tissue or your elbow is necessary and also make sure to dispose the tissue or change your dress immediately and put it to wash. Always wear a mask while you are travelling or speaking to anyone to avoid COVID-19.

These are the precautions for coronavirus that every person has to follow so that they don’t get affected and make sure that the people who come in contact with them are also not affected. We hope you take care of yourself and maintain distance.

Stay Healthy!! Thank You!!

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