simple 8 steps that you must follow to prevent form Covid-19

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Corona Virus also known as Covid-19 is now a pandemic disease that is spreading all across the world. Here are simple 8 steps that you can follow to prevent form Covid-19 and stop the chain of this infected disease.

  • The best prevention is to stay home and Quarantine yourself.

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  • Maintain Social Distancing with minimum of 3 feet.

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  • Wash your hands often that is at least once in 20 Minutes.

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  • Cover your mouth whenever you cough or sneeze to avoid the spread.

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  • Cover your face with a face mask when ever you step out of the house

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  • Avoid touching your face that is mouth, nose or eyes as the virus may enter your body.

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  • Eat healthy food to improve your immune system.

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  • If you feel any of the symptoms then directly call the helpline that is the local health authority.

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These are few simple steps that you must follow to prevent yourself and your family from the spread of deadly virus.

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